Graham Stephan is WRONG About NEEDING These CREDIT CARDS | Graham Stephan Credit Cards Reaction

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Graham Stephan love reward credit cards, who doesn't right? He recently did a video on 5 credit cards he thinks every person needs. So, here is my reaction to Graham Stephan credit card recommendation of the Citi Double Cash, Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Amazon Prime credit card, American Express Gold card, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

00:00 - start
00:54 - Discover it secure card
1:23 - Graham only 5 Cards youll ever need
1:39 - Citi Double Cash
2:38 - Chase Amazon Prime Card
3:25 - Chase Freedom Flex
4:23 - Amex Gold
6:20 - Chase Sapphire Reserve
7:50 - Evaluating the Set up
8:34 - My 5 cards you should have

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